Thyroid: TBD

PennHip: .19/.19


​CHIC# ---


CH Southern Springpoint Nice for What

Sire: GCHG Chesterhope Wonder-of-T-World
Dam: CH Southern What's Mine is Yours

DOB: September 14, 2018

Bred by: Tina McDonnell & Terry Ellis

Owners: Michelle Porfido-DeLucia, Genine Enoksen, Lydia Frey, & Tina McDonnell

Drake A Pointer? I never thought I'd have a POINTER! I'm not really sure how it happened, because it all happened rather quickly... It started when our good friend, Tina, brought her stunning Jerome/Mina litter over our house for an evaluation. Every puppy was oozing type and quality, but the dark blue collar puppy was just... something else. I remember telling Tina "You NEED to keep that puppy... you'd be crazy not to keep him. I'll even help you with him, he's welcome here any time." Famous last words, right? Fast forward a few weeks later, and a few innocent texts back and forth, and I found myself driving to go meet Tina to pick Drake up. Funny enough, Jon - who NEVER liked Pointers - has fallen head over heals for the little imposter. Drake fit into our red dog family without missing a beat, and has been accepted by everyone as the newest member of our family (even by Ellie). Of course Naomi thinks we got him just for her!
Drake will dabble across multiple venues, like all our dogs do. I think he has an exciting career ahead of him, and we're anxious to see what he accomplishes!

Drake's Parents:

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