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OFA Thyroid: TBD
CERF: Normal, 2023
OFA Elbows: TBD
OFA Basic Cardiac: TBD
PennHip: .12/.14

Clear from Dwarfism
Homozygous non-carrier for longhair


Multiple Best BBE in Show Winner

Group Winner
Multiple Group Placing
5x Best in Specialty Show Winning

GCHB Rhapsody By Invitation Only

Sire:  BIS/Multi CH Especial of Skyrocket (Hun)
Dam: MBISS GCHS Rhapsody Writing's On the Wall, SH NAJ RN CA DJ TDI TKN ROM


DOB: May 24, 2022

Bred by: Michelle Porfido-DeLucia, Jonathan DeLucia, & Genine Enoksen

Fletcher  has been the life of the party from the moment she was born. She has two speeds; manic parkour, and passed out snoring. She lives life to the ultimate fullest, and I'm not sure she's ever had a bad day. She has energy and grit to spare, but man do I love her for it!

I wasn't convinced I was going to breed Naomi a third time, but when the timing and right dog presented the opportunity, I decided it was now or never (mind you I was due to have MY baby right when Naomi needed to be bred). It was chaos...but hey, we made it happen!

Fletchy was sidelined from any activities from 5 months of age to about 12 months, recovering from a freak accident on icy pavement, which required extensive surgery and rehab/PT. Once she was cleared for take off, she took it as a personal mission to make up for lost time, and honestly I just held on for dear life. Have I mentioned she's crazy? Sixteen weeks after her surgery, we drove across the country to the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty, where she won her sweeps class, went second in a huge BBE class, and helped her mother win the Brood Bitch class! A month later she was entered in two standalone Specialties and was awarded RWB at both, as well as BBE in Show in both. A few weeks later she was awarded WB/BW/BOB over several specials for a major and her first points! After that she picked up a Supported Entry WB/BW for 4 points, a Best In Sweepstakes, and back to back WB/BW/BOB on a Supported Entry weekend to seal the deal on her championship. She finished her GCH swiftly in a few weekends with several BOB wins, a Group win, and a Best in Specialty Show win. We hit 2024 with a few huge wins (4 more BISS wins and a few more group placements), making Fletch a top 5 Vizsla in America!

Fletcher LOVES birds...Come fall and winter, we have plans to get a few wild bird sessions out of the season, and then attend a finish clinic in the spring to get her on her way to her MH.


Fletcher's Parents:

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