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OFA Hips: VZ-17202G25F-C-VPI
OFA Thyroid: VZ-TH2435/25F-VPI
OFA Elbows: VZ-EL3887F25-C-VPI
OFA Basic Cardiac: VZ-BCA198/25F/P-VPI
PennHip: .25/.26
CHIC# 166906

GCH Rhapsody Donut Kill My Vibe, TKN

Sire: RUBISS Aus CH Bokezu Jularu Jimmy
Dam: MBISS GCHS Rhapsody Writing's On the Wall, SH NAJ RN CA DJ TDI TKN ROM


DOB: December 9, 2019

Bred by: Michelle Porfido-DeLucia, Jonathan DeLucia, & Genine Enoksen

Jellie  was the pick bitch out of our very exciting "Donettes" litter with Jimmy to our Naomi. I met Jimmy on one of my trips to Australia, and had the pleasure to spend time with him and show him to his Runner Up Best in Specialty title, literally only an hour after meeting him. Jimmy is a moderate, elegant, and masculine package wrapped up with a laid back and very sweet temperament.. his movement is ground covering and effortless, which compliments Naomi's powerful movement. Meeting him in the flesh solidified my vision for him to be bred to Naomi, and well the rest was history.... 

Jellie is the sweetest and wiggliest dog we own, and has literally never done a single thing wrong in her life. She is perpetually wagging, smiling, and stomping, and lives to play ball - she will play fetch FOREVER, and often we have to cut her off and hide said ball or else she'll keep dropping it at our feet. Other than her beloved ball, she is a fantastic swimmer and lives for trail runs where she can run at warp speed through the woods (looking for water to swim in and chasing critters). She has really taken to being our baby's shadow, and follows her around mothering her, and is always curled up next to her or kissing her. For a dog that's never been around children, it's really sweet to see the relationship she is cultivating with her.

Jels finished her Championship in a handful of shows, with 3 majors and wins over specials on multiple 
occasions, out of Bred-by with me. She finished her GCH shortly thereafter in three weekends, again winning Best of Breed for several of those wins. While showing was never Jellie's favorite activity, she lives to make me happy and always did everything I asked of her, complete with her signature butt wiggles and smiles. She's essentially retired from the show ring with the exception of a few appearances should the mood strike us, but I think she is much happier living her best life as my little water-crazy trail and ball dog.

Jellie's Parents:

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