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CHIC# 146758

Hips: VZ-16050G28F-VPI

Thyroid: VZ-TH1948/32F-VPI



GCH Rhapsody's Warrior Princess Mikayla, MH UD PCD RE RATN CGC TKN RL2-AOE

Sire: MBISS GCH. Nyircsaszari Tatra JH 
DamBISS GCH Rhapsody Hit Me with UR Best Shot, JH CGC TKN

DOB: March 7, 2017

Bred by: Michelle S Porfido & Genine Enoksen (Rhapsody Vizslas)

Mikayla was Genine's favorite puppy from our Turk/Tiki litter, and we knew she had a very special home waiting for her! She went to live with Deb McCray and got her very own older Vizsla sister, Gabby. From the day Mikayla went home with Deb, they began their journey as a beautiful and impressive team.. proving they were a force to be reckoned with whether it was in the field, show ring, obedience ring, or rally ring. Mikayla has soared in every venue she has been asked to pursue, and these two ladies exemplify the versatile Vizsla perfectly.

Together with Deb, I helped finish Mikayla's show championship, which she did with multiple Specialty awards and majors. Deb took the lead from there and swiftly finished her girl's GCH, with several notable Specialty awards. After that, the girls took to the field, where Mikayla wasted no time flying through her JH, SH, and MH - ALL entirely owner handled and trained by Deb and Charlie. But they didn't stop there, taking on the Field Trial world and *almost* completing their AFC (she is singles from finishing it). Obedience and Rally being Deb's first love, and Mikayla happily switched gears and flew through her titles, ultimately achieving their Rally Excellent and Utility Dog titles with ease. I know our favorite duo is far from finished, and I anticipate they'll continue to shine in whatever they set their sails to next!

I'm certain I speak on the behalf of all of Deb and Mikayla's fans/family, that we couldn't of asked for a better home for one of our dogs. To be able to watch a dog you bred excel in every task handed to them with a wagging tail and smile on their face, is the ultimate validation of why we do what we do.



Mikayla's Parents:

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