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Updated on February 15th, 2020

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CHIC# 129006

Hips: VZ-15394G28F-VPI

Thyroid: VZ-TH1594/28F-VPI

CERF: Normal, 2017

PennHip: .24/.25

Bred-by Exhibitor Best in Show Winner

2019 Westminster Best of Breed Winner


5x Best in Specialty Show Winning

GCHS Rhapsody Writing's on the Wall, JH RN DJ CA TDI CGC

Sire: CH Kizmar Justice for All, ROM
Dam: Int'l/Intct'l/Can/Am MBISS GCHP Szizlin Rhapsody Never Say Never, JH NAP NJP RN CA DN ROM


DOB: November 12, 2015

Bred by: Michelle S Porfido & Yelena Kourtei (Rhapsody Vizslas), and Carol Phelps

Naomi is the dog I have been waiting for from the day we decided that Ellie was staying... I knew I was going to breed Ellie to Justice, as I had always admired the dog and his strengths as a producer. Combining Ellie's pedigree with Justice's was a combination of the breeders I respect and my mentors in our breed. It was the result of careful planning and immense patience. Justice was nearly 13 years old when Ellie and I set out to drive to MN to do the breeding, a total of 40 hours driving (and 1 flat tire). It was all so worth it, and I can't imagine my life with my Nai Nai in it.
Naomi is Miss personality - her tail has never stopped wagging since the day we decided she was ours. She approaches everything with a fearless, bold and enthusiastic attitude. She was shown very selectively in only a handful of Specialties/Supported Entries, and finished her championship quickly with a Specialty 4 point WB/BW, a Supported Entry 5 point WB/BW, and WB/BOS over 5 specials for a 5 point major, topped with a BBE BIS along the way.  She keeps us on our toes, and constantly supplies us with endless entertainment - I'm not sure I've ever had a dog that made me laugh as much as she does. She is naughty, SO smart, hilarious, and my constant companion.
Naomi finished her GCH swiftly, and towards the end of 2018 blossomed into maturity... she has consistently held her own in the ring, with her ground covering effortless movement, smooth neck into shoulders, and correct type. The icing on the cake was her being awarded Best of Breed at the prestigious 2019 Westminster Kennel Club show in NYC in 2019... I have been fortunate to own and show some very special dogs in my lifetime, but to be pointed to on the green carpet as *the* winner on a dog you adore and happen to be the breeder and owner of was unreal.
Nai Nai is my do it all girl, and we thoroughly enjoy competing in different venues. We attained our JH, RN, DS and have dabbled in some obedience trials. We (I say we, but I'm pretty sure it's me) continue to fight for the elusive agility titles, although every time I think we're getting closer to solidifying our run, she whips out her good ole " hold my beer" persona and turns up the entertainment value for the crowd of onlookers. She is impressively fast, selfish, and very good at putting on a show, so we'll keep at it much to her chagrin. Aside from being an aspiring comedian, Nai is a great little field dog; she is now officially green broke and will continue solidifying her training after her litter of puppies, and then we'll start running her in MH in the spring of 2020.

Naomi's Litters

Jimmy x Naomi

"The Donettes"

DOB: 12/9/2019

Naomi's Parents: